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With an abundance of MMA news websites, we wanted to take a different approach and provide you with articles, information and tools based solely from a betting perspective. Our goal here is to centralize as much information about an upcoming Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fight and provide you with the tools to make the most informed betting decision.

The Most Comprehensive Fighter Comparison

We have built the most comprehensive fighter comparison pages to give you a better understanding of the two fighters at hand.

  • Compare fighters based on their physical characteristics, fighting style and ranks.
  • Summary of each fighter's current and historical betting odds.
  • In-depth look each fighter's record and where they stand in their respective careers.
  • Fight specific news and analysis from around the web.

Sophisticated MMA News Aggregator

With so many great MMA news websites, we wanted to bring this information together and ultimately help you find what you really want to read.

  • Aggregation of articles from the leading MMA news websites.
  • Sort articles based on each MMA event or fight.
  • Filter articles to display only predictions, betting advice and analysis.
  • Overview of what's happening in the MMA blogosphere.

Advanced Odds Comparison

Always getting the best odds is key to being a profitable sports bettor. Our odds comparison page has been carefully designed to provide you with all the information you need.

  • Find the best straight and prop MMA odds from the leading sportsbooks.
  • Graphically compare line movements.
  • Current and historical best and worst odds.

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The Fight Bet Network is still in its infancy. A multitude of tools are in the development pipeline and we plan to release something new every month. If you've found the information that we've gathered and provided useful, please support us by following us on Twitter and Facebook.